Debt Consolidation




  Consolidate Debt

Consolidate Arrears and Fix Your Debt

Fix your debt around by reducing your monthly debt instalments by up to 60%.

Benefits of Consolidating Debt:

Protection against creditors and repossession.

Reduce monthly debt instalments by thousands of rands.

Even more protection through debt cover for retrenchment and much more.

Combine debt into one affordable repayment.

DebtSafe’s well-established program can fix your debt and save you thousands of rands each month, contact us today to learn how.

Learn how you can fix your debt around with our
FREE, NO-OBLIGATION, assessment.

Why sign up with DebtSafe? You’ll receive.


– up to 12 months while you are looking for a new job.


- up to R 1 000 000 of your debt gets settled.

Critical Illness &
Disability Cover

– up to R 1 000 000 of your debt gets settled.


– we’ll pay your debt instalments for up to 3 months.

Consolidate Arrears with DebtSafe and and let us help FIX YOUR DEBT



Stop Creditor Legal Action & Reduce

your Debt Payments.




Debt Consolidation


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